15 July 2022


Thirtha Uthappa - Founder & CEO – Samaara Jewellery

1. Leadership – Nature or Nurture?

The inherent want to lead is what enables an individual to absorb and learn. Leadership can be nurtured in every individual who has the willingness and desire to lead.

2. One aspect that makes you passionate about your role as an Entrepreneur and Jewellery Conceptualizer

Bringing smiles to our clients by giving life to their dream jewellery, while also providing sustainability options to them.

3. Important influences in your career?

My biggest influence has been my dad who showed me that there is no age limit to start and achieve your dreams. If you really want to do something, nothing but only you can be your own obstacle.

4. Key pandemic lessons for the Gems and Jewellery sector?

The importance and adoption of technology such as Virtual reality and AR in our field, that enabled us to reach out to our clients beyond the brick and mortar stores. A strong digital presence enables continuity of business even during the pandemic.

5. Business ethos you live by?

Customer Centricity. Keep your customer at the centre of everything that you do and the rest will follow.

6. One disruption likely to change the face of the Gems and Jewellery market?

We are poised to witness huge disruption in the field of gems and jewellery with regard to sustainability. Lab-grown diamonds would be the preferred choice, as an environmentally friendly option.

7. One must-read book that you recommend for success?

Atomic Habits by James Clear. To achieve any dream, the transformation has to be deep-rooted, and this book explains how we can take micro but consistent steps towards making that change within ourselves.

8. If not in the Jewellery Designing Business industry, then where?

Conducting experiential-based workshops and programs for personal and business growth.

9. What is the concept behind your jewellery designs?

Co-creating personalised jewellery for our clients, by delivering jewellery just like the way they wanted it.

10. What advice would you give to your younger self?

To understand financial management and business acumen earlier on itself, for creating a stable future.

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