29 September 2023

Festival of Business


This remarkable initiative spans across diverse industry sectors, perfectly aligning with India's extraordinary journey towards achieving global powerhouse status.

The Festivity of Business aspires to spotlight the outstanding accomplishments of India's exhibitions industry, which, as of 2023, boasts a substantial valuation of USD 4.7 billion. This industry has consistently garnered recognition as a pivotal driver of the national economy, significantly contributing to its economic resurgence.

This year, Informa Markets in India proudly presents the 'Festivity of Business' as a vibrant tribute to India's economic triumphs and its burgeoning global influence. It encompasses a rich tapestry of over 40 events in the next three months, including ten signature Expos, along with distinctive Conferences, Industry Awards, Buyer-Seller Meets, and Training programmes in influential sectors that are poised to elevate the nation to new heights.

As the autumn season blankets India with its diverse array of festivals, Informa Markets in India harmoniously weaves together the strands of social and economic celebration through its diverse bouquet of shows during this High Season.

We cordially invite you to join us in this unique celebration, fostering bonds and growth in unison.

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