23 March 2023

A Remarkable Day in the Life of

Vashita Mehra

VP - Global Security Manager India and SE Asia, Marsh McLennan, Ex-Army Major, Security Leader, First Woman accorded with the ASIS Triple Crown certification in India IModel.

Vashita is also an adept writer, fitness addict, an engaged wife and mother, and a constant leader in her professional and personal journey. Previously, she had done her MBA and remembers fondly her stint in the popular Channel [V].

With so many different hats that she wears -- each bringing with it a vital aspect of herself with its own set of commitments and expectations -- Vashita shares her diary for us to take a peek into what typically goes on in her day.

8 am: At the gym: An avid gymgoer, Vashita runs six days a week, among other fitness goals that she sets for herself. Her training in the army, she feels, drew out a strength she never knew existed and one that impacted the physical and mental aspects of her inner core. Fitness teaches you respect for time and also the vastness of human potential, she firmly believes.

2 pm: With the team at work: It’s a special day at her office today, being the Rewards and Recognition function at Marsh McLennan. This is the Event that each member of the team waits for because every recognition is a personal motivator and boosts their morale while bringing a smile to their faces! It is also a year of hard work recognised where many strategic endeavours in security were initiated, including the upgradation of access controls across offices, shifting to analogue and IP and advanced technological solutions. One for the camera before the actual event!

7 pm: Awarded Chief Security Officer of the Year: An extremely proud moment for Vashita at the coveted awards ceremony, which acted as an icing on the cake after her achieving the ASIS Triple crown certification, an exam-based top recognition in the security industry, which she has been the only Indian woman to be the proud owner of. The Award as a CSO and the certifications completed within a year speak of internal dedication, passion and multi-tasking and planting oneself firmly in a traditionally male bastion.

10.30 pm: Family time!: It was a long day out with strategic meetings with the international leadership team, and an exciting array of recognition and events. Vashita usually likes her quiet musical evenings, a family must-do with her husband and son – ‘just sitting on the terrace with a guitar with some old country music or rock classics to unwind and recharge’. Instead, a late-night drive was opted for, a celebration of how far they have come in the way of this fascinating life journey!

11 pm: Time to journal: Writing helps Vashita to provide inspiration, goals and clarity to her day. It could be in the form of jotting down a quote, a strategy, or an idea. After all, balancing two or more spectrums in an already competitive world is a tough proposition and here is where she gets her Eureka moments! Sometimes, she also writes short stories, drawing inspiration from daily life and the amazing spectrum of people she meets

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