14 January 2022


Samir Srivastava, CEO, Jean Claude Biguine

  • Leadership – Nature or Nurture?
  • One aspect that makes you passionate about your role at JEAN CLAUDE BIGUINE?
    The highest repeat rate in the industry of JCB clients keeps me pushing to do more for both the client & the team.
  • Important influences in your career?
    MS Oberoi of Oberoi Hotels for his eye for detail; Uber for their excellent service quality; Philosophy of Snapchat founder: Totally agree with him when he says, “Focusing on one thing and doing it really well can get you very far”.
  • Key pandemic lessons for your sector?
    Re-engineer your business model.
  • Business ethos you live by.
    Lead the Pack.
  • One disruption likely to change the face of the Beauty and Salon market?
    Home services & importance of using SAAS & Data mining.
  • One must read book that you recommend for success?
    ‘Outliers’ by Malcom Gladwell. The book speaks of how family, culture, and friendship all play a role in an individual's success. I have built my professional career in the beauty industry and the one important take away from the book is the “10,000-Hour Rule" - proficiency in one’s professional sphere of life requires an enormous time spent in perfecting the skill.
  • If not in the Beauty and Salon industry, then where?
    I was born to be in the beauty business. Either that or running a boutique hotel chain.
  • What is true beauty, according to you?
    True beauty is simply accepting ourselves the way we are. Whether it’s showing grace in a tough situation, wisdom reflecting through experienced eyes, a genuine smile or being confident in who you are, real beauty doesn’t have to be defined by cookie-cutter features or archaic norms revolving around conventional beauty standards. It’s free of biases, be it related to gender, age, or race. It’s about recognising your self-worth, creating a positive self-image, or doing whatever it takes for you to get there – even if it means engaging in a passionate conversation that lights you up from within or wearing some mascara and liner. Do you, be you, for you! Real beauty will always shine from within.
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