05 October 2021

Festival of Business

Come, Celebrate With Us

Ushering Economic Resurgence!

With the Indian economy poised for a resurgence in the coming months, we are proud to present the ‘Festival of Business’ for our customers & community across various industry verticals. A medley of 10 back-to-back events in the in-person, virtual & hybrid formats till October-end, ‘Festival of Business’ is a celebration for all our stakeholders to partake of.

‘The strategic initiative has been specially curated to help discover the joy of in-person re-union, and for cementing bonds, driving business objectives, spotting innovations and marketing intelligence safely at our in person exhibitions with the best in-class international safety protocols of Informa All Secure. Additionally, it presents virtual and hybrid events where you are offered the opportunity to connect with your respective business communities from the comfort of your home.

All our trade shows will host policy makers, industry experts, key exhibitors, MSMEs and enthusiastic professionals keen to bond as much as to do business. With opportunities and celebrations galore, the Festival of Business welcomes you with all the hope and positivity of an economic and business recovery in the days to come.

IMII, the nations leading B2B exhibition organiser, is part of the Informa plc’s global legacy with a reach across 35 countries.

List of events:

Events in Festival of Business 2021

Biopharma Conclave - Hyderabad(Hybrid)

29 - 30 Sept 21

Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair New Delhi

2 - 4 Oct 2021

Hyderabad Jewellery and Gem Fair Hyderabad

18 - 20 Oct 2021

Fi India & Hi 2021 New Delhi

20 - 22 Oct 2021

ProPak India 2021 New Delhi

20 - 22 Oct 2021

ISSA Conference India Mumbai

21 - 22 Oct 2021

InnoPack Pharma Confex Hyderabad(Hybrid)

21 - 22 Oct 2021

Cleaning Validation

26-27 Oct 2021

India Packaging Awards 2021

21 Oct 2021

Bio pharma honours

29 Sep 2021

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