03 November 2023


Transforming Beauty: How India Adapts to Evolving Medical Beauty Trends

“India's beauty and skincare industry is in the midst of a transformative journey, influenced by global beauty trends and the convergence of cosmetology and dermatology. This article takes a closer look at how the beauty industry in India is adapting its services to cater to diverse cultures and preferences, with a particular focus on the evolving medical beauty trends.

In the Western world, most salons have a medical beauty set-up to cater across categories of the beauty evolution. They have transitioned from showcases of regular beauty / facial regimens to using science and technology in services such as MediFacials (with specific and customised skin treatments involving vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants instead of chemical bleaches for instance) and photo facials (laser rejuvenation therapy that stimulates collagen production and treats skin discoloration). This is now being seen in India, especially in the Metro, Tier1 & Tier 2 cities.

Salons are the base for the beauty industry but with a larger part of the population starting to be aspirational, the desire to comprehend what’s next is at an all-time high in India. The Beauty evolution cycle clearly reflects that beauty must evolve into medical beauty to sustain and consistently meet the demands of the new-age consumers.

So what’s brewing in the realm of Beauty, Aesthetics, and Cosmetology?

1. Skin and Hair Diversity: Personalisation

The diversity in skin tones and hair types in India poses unique challenges for Aestheticians and Cosmetologists. They must be proficient in addressing different skin and hair needs, offering personalised treatments for a wide variety of clients.

2. Integration of Medical Beauty: - Collaborations with Clinic Chains

To cater to the rising demand for medical beauty treatments, many beauty salons in India are forging partnerships and collaborations with dermatology clinics and medical professionals. These partnerships are mutually beneficial to include expanded service offerings: ranging from facials and hair treatments to medically supervised procedures like chemical peels, laser toning, mesotherapy, Botox, and fillers.

Dermatology clinics bring medical expertise and credibility to the beauty salon and become a one-stop beauty and wellness centre, assuring clients that the treatments are performed by qualified professionals with access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which can enhance the quality of treatments offered at beauty salons. Various options like shop-in-shop are starting to come to the fore. This transformation reflects the changing consumer demands and the desire for both traditional and advanced beauty services. It also ensures that clients in India can achieve their beauty and skincare goals with the guidance of medical professionals, making their beauty salon experience even more comprehensive and effective.

3. Dermatological Skincare Products:

In response to evolving trends in medical beauty, beauty salons in India have proactively integrated dermatological skincare products such as SkinQ rx Dermacare into their comprehensive service offerings. These highly specialized products, frequently recommended and prescribed by qualified dermatologists, have been strategically incorporated to cater to the precise and individualized needs of their clients, thereby effectively bridging the chasm that once separated conventional cosmetic skincare from its medical counterpart. This alignment with dermatological skincare represents a significant paradigm shift in the salon industry, where the focus has transitioned from general beauty treatments to a more science-driven and personalized approach, allowing clients to access advanced solutions for their specific skin concerns.

4. Active facials:

Recognizing the shifting preferences of their clientele, beauty salons have adroitly adapted to this wave by integrating Active Facials into their service repertoire. This strategic move allows salons to provide clients with advanced and efficacious solutions tailored to their specific skin dilemmas. Consequently, the traditional concept of facial treatments is evolving, with Medi Facials offered by dermatology clinics increasingly eclipsing conventional facials. As beauty salons embrace the adoption of Active Facials, they are substantively elevating their service standards, reflecting a deliberate and transformative step forward in the beauty and skincare industry landscape.

5. Training and Certification:

To ensure the safe delivery of medical beauty treatments, Aestheticians & Cosmetologists in India are pursuing additional training and certifications to understand medical beauty procedures, safety protocols, and the proper use of medical-grade equipment and products. This is crucial to maintain high standards of care and adhere to regulatory requirements. In their dedicated commitment to ensuring the secure and proficient administration of medical beauty treatments, Aestheticians and Cosmetologists in India are actively engaging in comprehensive training and certification programmes. These initiatives are meticulously designed to equip them with an in-depth understanding of medical beauty procedures, rigorous safety protocols, and the precise application of medical-grade equipment and products. This rigorous training regimen is of paramount importance in the industry, not only to guarantee the highest standards of care but also to diligently adhere to stringent regulatory requirements that govern the practice. Attending short courses for aesthetic medicine training helps upskill and upgrade in the dynamic industry.

India represents an exciting journey of adaptation and transformation. Beauty salons in India are embracing diverse cultural influences, catering to a wide range of skin and hair types, and tapping into the growing demand for medical beauty. By tying up with clinics, offering dermatological skincare products, and providing Active Facials, they are meeting the evolving needs of clients. This synergy between cosmetology and dermatology ensures that clients have access to a comprehensive array of beauty and skincare solutions, all within the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the Indian beauty industry.

Catching up with the trend of medical beauty requires a commitment to continuous learning, collaboration, and adherence to high standards of safety and quality. By gradually expanding their services and maintaining a focus on client well-being, aestheticians and salons can successfully integrate medical beauty into their offerings.”

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